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Spitfire Announces New UI in V2021

Spitfire Management, LLC, announces that its upcoming V2021 release will offer a completely new user interface.

Users will be able to switch between the classic and new UI in order to ease the transition into the “new look.” V2021 will also put more visual display tools and controls into the user’s hands. With this release, Spitfire Management is emphasizing the user experience with improved ease-of-use, intuitive navigation, user-interface harmonization and save user preferences.

Dennis Stroud, President, says, “Once we were no longer restricted by Microsoft Internet Explorer [in V2020], we knew we wanted to focus on improved end-user performance.  We lead, and will continue to lead, the industry in deep bi-directional integration with Microsoft Office, collaborative routing, comprehensive user-defined workflow, and extensible business logic rules. Improving the user interface was the next logical step. We are excited to be able to offer this major improvement to our users.”

A preview of the Spitfire Project Management System V2021 was presented to clients and partners during a webinar on December 10th.

About Spitfire Management

Spitfire Management, LLC, the privately-held developer of the Spitfire Project Management System, specializes in project management and document control software with optional integration with accounting systems. The product from the start has been a browser-based system for the benefit of its client base. Spitfire Management offers cloud-based software-as-a-service and on premise models, both of which provide “any time, any device, anywhere” access to the system. The company has kept, and will continue to keep, pace with evolutions in technology. Headquartered in Williamsburg, VA, Spitfire Management has satellite offices around the world.