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Your Own SOPs
& Business Rules

Construction Project Management System

Because no two companies are alike or work exactly in the same way, the Spitfire Project Management System does not try to be a one-size-fits-all solution.

SOPs & Business Rules

The system offers many different implementation options, and many of its features can be configured, all according to what works and looks best for you. We take your current SOPs and workflows into consideration during implementation, so that you end up with a system that meets your unique needs.


The Spitfire Project Management System offers hundreds of rules that can be used to tweak the business logic of our out-of-the-box system. Want to define your own document status that means “approved”? There is a rule for that. Want to indicate where the default item description should be copied from? There is a rule for that. Here are just a few more examples of what you can change through rules:

  • Whether subcontracts and change orders will update the budget automatically
  • The subject and body text for outbound email
  • Which documents should be closed automatically after a period of inactivity
  • Default due dates for documents
  • The default team members that should be added to a new project
  • Which calculations should appear in project KPIs

UI Configuration Tool

Spitfire’s UI Configuration tool allows you to change the look of your system and include what you want, while removing or hiding what is superfluous. Through the UI Configuration tool, you can change:

  • The fields and tabs that appear on your documents
  • The columns of information on different dashboards
  • The filters for different dashboard parts
  • Who gets to see and/or change what fields
  • When and which values are required


Spitfire’s functionality extends beyond our out-of-the-box features:

  • Add your own business logic using any combination of extension points.
  • Create and deploy your own reports.
  • Build a library of templates that gather and merge almost any data in the system.
  • Add custom workflow scripts to automatically guide and even modify documents as they progress through various stages.
  • Create your own software agent that receives notifications of events as they happen in the system.
  • Use our REST API to create your own extensions and data flows. 

What Else?

  • Include and rename only the types of documents you need.
  • Use your own codes, pick lists, and classifications.
  • Create your own file folder structure for use across all projects.
  • Define your own account categories.
  • Modify types of Alerts, Dates and Compliance.

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