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Project Budget Management

Construction Project Management System

Proper project budgets are crucial to your being profitable as a business, which is why the Spitfire Project Management System focuses so much on budgeting.

Project Budgeting

A project budget allows key team members to know how money should be spent during the job, without going past limits. To this end, Spitfire allows for detailed work-breakdown-structures and provides budget data in various views, including within a Microsoft Excel workbook. Because Spitfire can integrate with popular accounting systems, budget data (including actuals) is always up-to-date  

Budget Workbook in Excel

  • Upload data from your own estimating tools.
  • Build your project work-breakdown structure with cost code/tasks and account categories.
  • Track Original budget and Current budget independently.
  • Create budget revisions manually or automatically through change orders.
  • Create Forecast budgets
  • At any time, view approved budget and revision “snapshots.”  
  • View Actuals that flow in from your integrated accounting system.
  • Drill-down to the specifics behind particular amounts.
  • See committed and invoiced amounts for specific budget lines.
  • View side-by-side comparisons of Original, Current, Actual to Date and Forecast to Complete amounts.


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