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New Job Quotes & Proposals

Construction Project Management System

If your bid or contract management still involves a pile of paperwork and the potential for disorganized chaos, you must know there is a better way to do business.

New job quote

There’s a reason you are called a contractor: contracts are central to your business. Sending out quotes and proposals to end up with awarded contracts is essential. Contract administration is a major part of project management. That is why the Spitfire Project Management System allows you to plan, create, execute, monitor and report on all your contracts (regardless of type), giving you peace of mind that all is in order. Whether you need to send out proposals or have just been awarded a job, Spitfire gives you the proper tools every step of the way.

From Proposal to Awarded

  • Gather and send proposals within Spitfire to maintain all information in one Catalog.
  • Automatically apply Microsoft Word Templates (based on job type) to generate professional proposals every time.
  • Track potential projects in Spitfire and build up a Win/Loss report.
  • Easily see which proposals are out to bid and which require your attention.
  • Convert potential job quotes into awarded projects.

Full-System Contract Management

  • Spend less time creating new contracts.
  • Manage all types of contracts (Private vs Government; Major vs. Minor etc.) in one system.
  • Prevent past-due scenarios with Contract Due Date alerts.
  • Attach all corresponding files to a contract for easy reference.
  • Send contracts to all necessary people through system-generated distribution lists.
  • Rely on version control of your contracts to always have just one version of the truth.

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