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Integration with Cloud Storage Providers

Spitfire Project Management System Offers Integration with Cloud Storage Providers

Hawthorne, NY – (March 25) Spitfire Management, LLC, announces the integration of cloud storage providers such as Box and Google Drive with its construction project management software. The integration provides a solution for those who want or need to use a cloud storage provider for project files, but who also want the organization, file management and version control features of a comprehensive project management system.

Cloud storage provides a number of benefits (easy sharing of files, virtually unlimited storage space, automatic backups, automatic device syncing) but falls short on organization and maintaining only “one version of the truth.” Nevertheless, it is becoming a popular way for large project teams to add and access project files.

Says Stan York, Vice President of Development at Spitfire Management, “We became aware that some of our clients were being asked to use Box or other cloud drives for file sharing purposes, but they didn’t want to lose the document and file management benefits of Spitfire. The logical step was to have Spitfire work with cloud storage providers so files can be added or updated either within Spitfire or in the cloud and version controls remain in place. Files flow seamlessly between documents within Spitfire and the folders in the cloud, and all project participants know that the files they easily access are always the latest versions. It’s a win/win.”

Spitfire Management offers free demos of its system to all interested parties.

About Spitfire Management

Spitfire Management, LLC, the privately-held developer of Spitfire Project Management System, specializes in project management and document control software with optional integration with accounting systems. The product from the start has been a browser-based system for the benefit of its worldwide client base. Since September 2010, the company has added Spitfire support for Android and, more recently, iPad mobile devices. The company has kept and will continue to keep, pace with evolutions in technology. Headquartered in New York, Spitfire Management has satellite offices in Arizona, Illinois, Indiana, Virginia, and Ontario, Canada. For more information, visit www.spitfiremanagement.com.