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Document and File Management

Construction Project Management System

Whatever you think of as “documents” and “files,” the Spitfire Project Management System provides you with the tools to organize, keep and find them.

Doc File Mgmt

Spitfire comes with pre-defined documents (that you can thoroughly modify) such as:

Document List

One Central Catalog

Other files that are needed for your project—.DOCX, .XSLX, .PDF, .DWG, .JPG, .PNG, .TIF, .IMG, .MPP, etc. files—are kept in the same system catalog, where they can be easily found through filters or organizational folders. Files can be uploaded on the document, project or catalog level. They all end up in the same catalog.

Version Control

The Spitfire Project Management System provides version control for your documents and files (reducing confusion) and makes the sharing of those documents and their attached files with all project participants easier, increasing communication. Version control means that there is always only one version of the truth for your project documents and files.

Integrated Cloud Storage

The Spitfire Project Management System offers tremendous accessibility to your files through integrated cloud storage so that anyone, anywhere can be given access to your project files. Access is instantaneous, so no time is wasted when needing to view or review plans and other files with others.

Microsoft Office-Integrated Templates

Templates—set starting points that are copied as needed—are such time-savers that the Spitfire Project Management System uses many different types of them. Copying over information that you use multiple times provides consistency in your projects. In Spitfire, you can even merge your project data with any number of Microsoft Excel and Word templates to create output that looks exactly as you want and includes accurate project information. Other templates use Microsoft Excel workbooks for data input and output. In addition, Spitfire provides certain file recovery when you are editing your Microsoft Word or Excel files through the system and there is a sudden computer shutdown, so you don’t lose your work.


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