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Change Orders

Construction Project Management System

Do you hate the work related to change orders and all the downstream changes that also need to be entered and tracked? It is time to stop worrying about all the details.

Change Orders

The Spitfire Project Management System is smart when it comes to change order management in the construction industry.  Approved owner change orders automatically change project contracts, the SOV, affected subcontracts, and the budget, eliminating the dreaded after-the-fact reconciliation. This leads to staying within your budget and not being surprised by budget overruns.

Owner Change Orders

  • Flow information from RFIs or proposed changes to approved change orders.
  • Combine several approved change items into one change order.
  • Easily add overhead allocations to your change orders.
  • Create related subcontractor change orders from the owner change order and approve all at once if desired.
  • Easily change the status of all change orders from pending to approved or rejected.
  • Automatically update expense and revenue amounts on your budget when changes are approved. 
  • Use templates to provide a consistent look to your Change Orders.
  • Provide changes to your SOV billing, when changes are approved.
  • Maintain clear records and audit trails for possible legal disputes.

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