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Cash Flow Management &

Construction Project Management System

Manage your budget and cash flow; anticipate, plan and analyze your finances; and seamlessly combine your accounting data with project data.

Cashflow mgmt

One of the Spitfire Project Management System’s greatest strengths is its ability to integrate with several major accounting packages, providing total communication between the financial and non-financial aspects of your project. This means that all appropriate team members can review and manage cash flow and create or view forecasts with up-to-date data at all times.


  • Create consistent-looking forecasts in a Microsoft Excel-based workbook.
  • Generate forecast data based on Units of Production or Amounts.
  • Identify changes to cost codes/tasks and account categories by who, what and when.
  • Play with “what if” scenarios based on % Spent or % Complete, Production Units or Amounts.

Cash Flow Projections

  • See up-to-the-minute revised budget amounts in a familiar Microsoft Excel-based workbook.
  • View real-time Actuals and Committed amounts.
  • Provide read-only access to those who should not make changes to the budget.
  • Distribute the anticipated project revenue and expense by month over the life of the project.
  • Compare the anticipated revenue and expense with the actual monthly amounts.
  • Recast the anticipated cash flow for future months based on actuals and project Forecast at Completion amounts.
  • Deliver professional looking cash flow projections for internal and external use.
  • Roll up individual project cash flow projections into cross-company projections by several project attributes.


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