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Vendor Bidding Process

Construction Project Management System

If you use subcontractors, the Spitfire Project Management System's vendor bidding process can help you save time during your buyout period.

Awarded Bid

From Bid Packages to sub responses to awarded contracts, Spitfire has tools to help you keep track of all relevant information, reduce duplication of effort, and make smart decisions. Once subcontractors have been selected, Spitfire makes it easier to issue those subcontracts.

From Bid Management

  • Prepare your bid solicitations in less time using templates.
  • Attach all bid files (drawings, specs, trade specific info, etc.) into one Spitfire document that can be sent to multiple subcontractors at the same time. 
  • Track which bid solicitations are still out-to-bid and which have a response.
  • Attach subcontract files (such as references) to Spitfire documents so that all information can be easily found.
  • Compare at-a-glance all submitted bids against your budget for easier evaluation.

Awarded Contracts

  • Create a subcontract from a winning bid with a few clicks, without having to re-enter information.
  • Use templates to quickly put together the contract to be signed.
  • Email the contract and other relevant files directly from Spitfire.
  • Use DocuSign (which Spitfire integrates with) to get signed contracts back quickly.

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