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Announcement: Spitfire Redesigns Website

Spitfire Management LLC is starting the new year 2022 with a new look for its website. Just as they did when considering the user experience for the Spitfire Project Management System, which offers a friendlier user interface in its latest V2021, Spitfire Management focused on making the new website easier to navigate while still providing much information about the software. Although Spitfire Management had created previous versions of the website in-house, this time they hired Dazzle Marketing for their expertise. Says Soni York, Communications Officer at Spitfire, “As a technology company, we know that we need to constantly keep changing with the times. We are pleased with the results from Dazzle Marketing as the new website helps us explain our software’s functionality and benefits to those who are searching for construction-friendly project management software, in an easy-to-read format.”

V2021 of the Spitfire Project Management System is currently available for demos.